Seraphim is the first ever privately owned Christian contracting company created for the sole purpose of hunting down and targeting those who prey on children. Plenty of companies exist who provide awareness, aftercare, and even rescue efforts, but there were not any effective private companies dedicated to targeting the predators themselves. Seraphim is the first child rescue and protection company of its kind, whose primary purpose is to target high-level child traffickers and those in charge of the funding and logistics behind it. The time has come for the predators to become the prey.

Our primary role in today’s world is to provide the most capable group of elite operators, united by god with the passion to eradicate child trafficking. To aid and expedite our efforts, our operators will be working closely with law enforcement and government agencies across the globe. Seraphim operators all come from an extensive background as US military Special Warfare Operators, and have millions of dollars in elite training, as well as countless hours of combat and special reconnaissance experience. We have been hunting down the most notorious international terrorists for our entire adult lives and we have chosen to shift our focus toward child predators.


all seraphim operators are prior Tier-1 Operators, Navy SEAL’s, Green Berets, Rangers, MARSOC, Marine Recon, SCOUT SNIPERS, Navy SWCC, Army Nightstalker Pilots, and many other special operations soldiers. we offer a private-contracting company of unrivaled capability in today’s market. Through a dedicated focus on hunting down child predators, Seraphim will not be over-tasked and spread thin, as the government is. With a team built from only the most talented prior special operations professionals, we have the real-world experience to turn this vision into a reality, without the wildly inefficient bureaucratic process that binds the hands of government agencies.

With the predators out of the picture, these innocent children will finally be given the opportunity to live in peace.